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General Policies (2020-2021)
(upper level students also see Ballet Etiquette and Pointe Technique Policy)

Supplement:  Given the evolving coronavirus situation, please note that supplemental policies are posted at the facility and may be revised throughout the season.  For your safety and that of our community, be sure to follow posted supplemental policies as well as current guidelines from public health officials as applicable.

Parking Lot:  Please exercise caution in the parking lot by looking for students and pedestrians when parking and backing up your vehicle.  The west-most parking stall directly in front of the facility can be difficult to back out of due to the dumpster enclosure.  Do not allow children to play in the parking lot or near the dumpster.  Note that the speed limit on Locust Grove Road is reduced at various times of the day as it is part of a school zone.

Drop-off and Pick-up:  Students should arrive approximately five minutes before the beginning of class.  They should come in proper dance attire which may be worn under street clothes and should not dress in the waiting areas.  Students are encouraged to use the restroom before or after class in order to make full use of class time.  They need to be picked up promptly at the end of class.  TVBA and its instructors are unable to provide supervision for students in the waiting areas, outside the building, before & after class, and at rehearsals & performances.

Waiting Areas:  Viewing windows are installed in the waiting areas for guests to view class.  However, parents/guardians are not required to remain for the duration of class.  Please note that many students participate better in class when they do not have regular observers.  Those in the waiting areas should be respectful of others by holding conversations at a considerate volume.  Please supervise children for their safety and to ensure they are not disturbing others or damaging the facility.  Bringing food or drink (other than water) into the waiting areas is discouraged in order to keep the facility clean.  Valuables should not be left in the waiting areas at any time.  Please do not bring pets inside the facility with the exception of trained service animals.

Dance Equipment:  The marley flooring, barres, mirrors, audio-visual equipment, and props etc. are valuable tools for dance instruction.  To avoid costly damage and more importantly physical injury, please note the following.  Avoid touching the mirrors, windows, and audio-visual equipment.  Barres and props are not to be used without supervision and hanging on the barres is not allowed.  Street shoes are not permitted on the marley flooring.

Dress Code:  Street clothes are not allowed in class.  Boys should wear a plain white T-shirt, black dance pants, and black ballet shoes.  Girls should wear pink tights, a dance leotard, and pink ballet shoes (not satin slippers).  Their hair should be worn away from their face in a bun.  Please note that underwear is unnecessary under tights and leotards.  Dance skirts are allowed through Primary Ballet, but only after barre in upper level classes.  Split sole ballet shoes are recommended for Primary Ballet and up.  Please tie shoe laces in a knot and tuck them under.  Tutus, costumes, shorts, and other cover-ups are not allowed in regular classes.

Absences and Withdrawal:  Attendance at every class is important for progression and also for learning choreography.  Please notify the Academy if consecutive classes will be missed.  Enrollment constitutes a commitment to attend for the duration of the dance season (September - May).  TVBA must be notified in writing or by email of early withdrawal.  Tuition is still due through the month in which the Academy receives notification.

Canceled Classes:  The Academy will not usually hold class on any days when West Ada School District cancels school due to inclement weather, public health, or safety concerns.  Classes beginning 3 PM or later may be canceled if the district cancels after school events for the above causes.  Please check email for any TVBA class cancelations.

Academy Contact Information
Address:  1545 E Leigh Field Dr., Ste. 150, Meridian, ID 83646
Phone:  (208) 855-0167

See Calendar and Tuition & Fees, both of which are part of the Policies Form  ~  (208) 855-0167

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