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Tuition, Fees, and Discounts

Is tuition the same amount each month?
  • Yes.  Tuition is based on an average number of classes per month from September through May (nine months).  Due to the nature of the calendar, all classes have months with more or fewer classes, particularly months with holidays or other scheduled breaks (see Calendar).  However, the monthly tuition rate remains the same regardless of the number of classes that fall within a given month.
How do I calculate the tuition discounts?
  • To apply the 10% family discount, add together the monthly tuition for each student and then multiply by 0.9 (i.e. $44 + $56 = $100 and then $100 x 0.9 = $90 per month).  The advance payment discount can be applied after the family discount.
  • To apply the 3% tuition discount for a tuition payment covering a period of three or more months, multiply your total monthly tuition by the number of months and then by 0.97 (i.e. $50 x 3 x 0.97 = $145.50).
  • To apply the 5% full year tuition discount multiply your total monthly tuition by 9 months and then by 0.95 (i.e. $50 x 9 x 0.95 = $427.50).
Does TVBA accept credit cards?
  • Instead of credit cards we offer discounts for advance tuition payments made by check which passes savings directly on to you rather than to credit card processors (see Tuition and Fees).  For your convenience TVBA also offers ACH auto-draft payments.  This reduces the effort of making payments each month and ensures payments are never late (see ACH Payments Form).
How do I pay tuition and avoid late fees?
  • The easiest way to pay tuition and avoid late fees is via auto-draft (see ACH Payments Form).  Payments by check can be placed in the tuition drop-box inside the facility during regular class times or sent by mail to 1545 E Leigh Field Dr., Ste 150, Meridian, ID 83646.  The student for whom payment is being made should be indicated.  To avoid the $5 late fee, tuition must be postmarked or paid at the studio during regular class times on or before the 10th of each month (see Tuition and Fees).
Why is there a registration fee?
  • The registration fee represents an upfront payment to help cover operating costs incurred by the Academy on a per student basis.  Because it is paid upfront it helps discourage students from leaving mid-season which creates complexities and inefficiencies for the Academy and each class.
  • Note that the registration fee (normally $20) is only $15 for those who register by Saturday, July 25, 2020.  The fee is further discounted by $5 for those who enrolled in current year summer classes.  Also, students from the same immediate family can each take an additional $5 off.

Where can I find which instructors will teach each class?
  • Prior to the beginning of classes, the instructors are still arranging their schedules so the instructor schedule is not finalized.  Although we know dancers may have personal preferences, all of the instructors are experienced and well qualified to teach their respective classes.  Additionally, taking class from different instructors can provide a stronger educational experience.  For answers to questions about the preliminary instructor schedule please contact the Academy.
Are all of your class offerings ballet?
  • Yes.  By focusing exclusively on ballet technique we are able to provide excellent instruction to all ages.  Our pre-ballet classes remain accessible to younger dancers by including age appropriate ballet technique and creative movement experiences.  Our upper level classes benefit from an exclusive focus on the most technically demanding genre of dance.
How many students are typically in each class?
  • Although actual enrollment will vary by time and day, Pre-Ballet 1 classes are usually limited to 9-10 students.  Pre-Ballet 2-4 are usually limited to 10-11 students and Primary Ballet 1 and 2 classes are usually limited to 11-12 students.  Higher levels may have up to 12-14 students per class.  These limits allow our students to benefit from individual attention and feedback from qualified instructors.
Can I enroll in the Academy mid-season?
  • Yes, providing that the new enrollment will not cause a class to exceed our enrollment limits we do allow students to join mid-year.
Should I stay and watch my young dancer in class?
  • Many students participate better in class when parents/guardians do not stay.  However, situations and students are unique and so the answer to this question is left to your discretion and comfort level.
  • Note that before each performance, we designate 'video days' where parents/guardians are welcome to bring video devices and capture their student's dance during the last minutes of class.
Can my student make up a missed class?
  • Generally we do not allow make up classes because each class is unique and progresses at a different rate.  Additionally, a temporary addition can be distracting to an existing class.  Nevertheless, on occasion and with preapproval from Miss Jocelyn we may allow a make up class.
Does TVBA organize individual and class portraits?
  • Yes.  Each year we schedule a session with a photographer for both individual and class portraits.  We organize this as a service to our students so that you can have professional portraits taken of your dancers in costume.  There is no obligation to purchase, but all students should attend and be in the class portrait (see Photos page for past class portraits).
When can I start dancing on pointe?
  • Dancing on pointe is one of the most exciting achievements for a ballerina!  To reach this level a student must be dedicated and prepared for the rigors of pointe technique.  Readiness is typically based on fundamental ballet technique, strength, maturity, and anatomical development.
  • Students choosing to enroll in pointe class should have studied ballet seriously for three or more years.   This generally constitutes attending ballet classes at least twice weekly the two years prior to beginning pointe (Ballet 2 and Ballet 3 or equivalent).   In addition to receiving instructor approval, students must be 12 years of age or within a few months of reaching this age.   They must commit to regularly attending a minimum of three classes each week to maintain strength and build technique while dancing on pointe.
  • Before beginning pointe class students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to thoroughly research this advanced ballet technique and consider your own readiness.  We recommend that you seek any medical guidance that may be relevant to you.
  • TVBA Pointe Technique Policy
Dancewear and Costumes

What should I look for in dancewear?
  • Girls should look for a comfortable dance leotard (with straps or sleeves) and pink tights with or without feet (footed tights are required for the performances).  They also need pink ballet shoes (canvas or leather but not satin).  Split sole ballet shoes are recommended for Primary Ballet and up, but full sole shoes are fine for younger levels.  For pointe shoes, ask your instructor for advice on your specific needs.
  • Boys should look for a comfortable but not loose white T-shirt, black dance pants (or dance shorts), and black ballet shoes (canvas or leather).
Where should I buy my student's dancewear?
  • Quality dancewear can be purchased from online retailers or dance specialty stores.  From past experience Discount Dance Supply and Dancewear Solutions provide some of the best values online.  If shopping at Discount Dance Supply you can use discount code 45709 to receive a small discount.  You can also find a list of some recommended items on our Discount Dance Supply dress code page.  Dancewear can also be purchased at a discount price (though sometimes lower quality) from big box stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.  For pointe shoes and fittings we recommend Spokane-based Empire Dance Shop.  On occasion we will try and arrange for Empire Dance Shop to be available at the facility for fittings and purchases.
Do I get to keep my costumes?
  • Yes, your costume is yours to keep.  Note that some associated props or costume accessories may remain property of the Academy.
  • On occasion we designate special 'costume days' where students are welcome to wear to class a dance costume from a previous performance or elsewhere.
Are TVBA's costumes modest?
  • Although there is subjectivity in this area, we feel that the costumes we choose are both attractive and modest.  Please view the Photos page to see past costumes.
How are TVBA's costume fees set?
  • Exact costume prices are not known beforehand and vary somewhat from class to class.  A significant amount of time and effort is spent finding attractive costumes at reasonable prices that match our choreography.  The fees are set to cover the average price we anticipate with only a small allowance for shipping, handling, and other incidental costs.  There is no markup and in some cases the Academy actually pays more than the fee collected.  Upper level costumes cost more and their fees are scaled accordingly.
Where can I purchase TVBA branded apparel?
  • Apparel and other accessories with the TVBA name and logo may be available at certain times throughout the year.  Any relevant details will be included in email newsletters.
Rehearsals and Performances

Where and when does TVBA hold rehearsals and performances?
  • We typically lease a local auditorium for rehearsals & performances.  Both the January and May performances are on Saturdays with dress rehearsals early in the day followed by matinee and evening performances (see Calendar for dates).  Ballet 3 level and up will perform in both the matinee and evening shows while classes from Pre-Ballet 1 through Ballet 2 will perform in one or the other.
What can I expect at the performances?
  • Ballet is a performing art so it is important for students to have the opportunity to dance on stage.  We have two performance days each year:
  • Winter Showcase (January):  a showcase of progress centered on a theme for which each class performs their own dance (i.e. 2019-2020 was Ballet Unlimited)
  • Season Finale (May):  a celebration of our students' accomplishments centered on a story in which each class performs a part (i.e. 2018-2019 was Peter and the Wolf)
  • The Winter Showcase and Season Finale will have both a matinee and evening performance.  Ballet 3 level and up will perform in both the matinee and evening shows while classes from Pre-Ballet 1 through Ballet 2 will perform in one or the other.
  • Many family members and guests attend including some young children (ages 3 and under are free).  Dress is quite varied from casual to formal; dressing up is traditionally appropriate for a ballet but not required.  Many attendees bring flowers or other gifts for their dancer.  We mention this so you can be prepared if this is important to you or your dancer since these items are not available for purchase at the show.
  • We highly recommend that all dancers participate in both performances as ballet is a performing art.  However, we do recognize that on occasion schedule conflicts or other concerns may arise.  Please contact Miss Jocelyn if your dancer will be unable to participate in either performance.
Am I permitted to take video and photos at the performances?
  • Yes, both video recording and non-flash photography (for personal use only) are permitted at the performances but please ensure that you do not approach the stage or block othersí views while doing so.
  • Miss Jocelynís husband will record video at both shows and edit the footage as he has done for past performances, including some candid footage from dress rehearsal and before each show (see Videos page).
Can parents/guardians help at performances?
  • Yes.  Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising younger students during backstage time at both the dress rehearsal and show.  In the weeks before each performance we will have a sign up available for those who would like to volunteer.  These volunteers do not need to buy a ticket and can view their student's performance from the wings.
Why is there a cost for performance tickets?
  • The ticket price is to help pay for the costs and extra time/effort associated with each performance.  Costs include renting the theatre, technicians, security, props, music license fees, and supplies etc.  Rather than bundle these costs with tuition payments or a performance fee we have found it to be most fair to sell tickets.  This way, those with more attendees pay proportionately more and other guests for whom the dancers perform such as grandparents can share in the performance costs.  ~  (208) 855-0167

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