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Tuition and Fees (2017-2018)
Policies form in printable PDF (includes Tuition and Fees)
ACH auto-draft payments form in printable PDF
  • Monthly tuition amount per student
  • Pre-Ballet 1-4 (ages 3+):  45 minute weekly class $42/month
  • Primary Ballet 1-2 (ages 7+):  60 minute weekly class $48/month; twice weekly $78/month
  • Ballet 1 (ages 9+):  75 minute weekly class $54/month; twice weekly $84/month
  • Ballet 2-3 (ages 10+):  75 minute technique twice weekly $84/month
  • Ballet 4 (ages 12+):  75 minute technique twice weekly $84/month; with 60 minute pointe $105/month
  • Ballet 5/6 (ages 13+):  two 90 min technique and one 90 min pointe each week $120/month; with 90 min variations $145/month
  • Ballet 7/8 (ages 15+):  two 90 min technique and two 90 min pointe each week $145/month; with 90 min variations $165/month (unlimited)
  • Please email or call for tuition rates applicable to other class options or combinations
  • Tuition for individual instruction:  $40/hour
  • Costume fee per costume (due with registration for Winter Showcase and by Friday, December 1, 2017 for Season Finale): 
  • Pre-Ballet levels $38;  Primary Ballet levels $42;  Ballet levels $46;  Variations $34
  • After December 10, 2017 costume fee increases $10;  costume fees are non-refundable once class orders are placed
  • Registration fee:  $20 non-refundable;  $15 if paid by Saturday, July 29, 2017 (in-person or postmarked)
  • Other costs:  performance tickets ($7), optional Blu-ray Discs ($20), and optional class portraits

Advance Discounts:  A discount of 3% off tuition can be applied to a check payment covering a period of three or more months.  Or if the full nine months is paid by check at registration a 5% discount off tuition can be applied.

Family Discounts:  A discount of 10% off tuition can be applied for each student from the same immediate family (apply before any advance discount).  Each immediate family member can also take $5 off the registration fee.

Miscellaneous:  All tuition and fees must be current prior to participation in Academy performances.  No partial month refunds will be given for missed or canceled classes, enrollment withdrawals, or days with no class (see 2017-2018 Calendar).  If needed, costume payments may be applied to any unpaid tuition and fees.  Treasure Valley Ballet Academy reserves the right to refuse service.  Need-based tuition assistance may be available.

Payments:  Tuition is due by the 1st of each month September through May.  There is a $5 late fee for tuition not paid or postmarked by the 10th.  Payment options in order of preference are ACH auto-draft, check, or cash.  To enable auto-draft please complete the ACH Payments form (ensures no late fees).  If paying by check or cash, please indicate the student for whom payment is being made.  Checks should be made payable to TVBA.  A service fee of $20 is due on any rejected ACH payment or returned check.  The ACH Payments form or checks can be sent by mail or placed in the tuition drop-box inside the facility during regular class times.

Academy Contact Information
Mailing Address and Facility Location:  1545 E Leigh Field Dr., Ste. 150, Meridian, ID 83646
Phone:  (208) 855-0167

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